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Digital thought leadership. Amplified.

There is more to thought leadership than writing articles and speaking at conferences. You need to spread the word.

That’s where Hinge’s digital PR and outreach services make all the difference.

Our digital PR team uses a variety of techniques and tools to get your thought leaders and their content in front of the right audiences—those that will amplify your reputation and build a growing audience of devoted followers.


“Our web traffic increased 400% after Hinge helped us make the New York Times. And it’s been up 50% ever since.”

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How digital thought leadership works

There are two kinds of media—the kind you own (blog posts, guides, podcasts, white papers, etc.) and the kind you earn (social media shares, mentions, interviews, guest blog posts, etc.).

Digital thought leadership puts you in command of both. At Hinge, we see both types of media as parts of the same ecosphere, each reinforcing the other.

SEO is the catalyst that powers the whole organism, while PR and outreach connect both sides and generate momentum.

How we can help

Hinge can help you find new outlets and generate powerful buzz for your firm’s expertise. Here are some of the ways we do it:

Find new speaking engagements

We research, pitch and negotiate the live and online speaking opportunities best suited to your experts.

Secure podcast appearances

We find the podcasts your audience listens to and set up guest appearances.

Acquire guest blogging opportunities

We determine what blogs your prospects read, then reach out, pitch guest post ideas and secure high-quality blogging gigs.

Produce and distribute press releases

We craft stories that will get the greatest engagement. Then we distribute them to the most promising media outlets.

Arrange newsjacking & expert interviews

We find reporters who need your expertise and secure opportunities for expert quotes, interviews and commentary.

Promote valuable content

We share your guides, reports, case studies, and other expert materials with relevant journalists, writers and bloggers.

Monitor media mentions and activity

We watch the mediasphere for interest in your firm and media activity in your area of expertise.

Help secure key rankings and awards

We help you submit compelling award and industry ranking submissions.


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