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High Growth Study 2024: Executive Summary

This 9th edition of the High Growth Study uncovers how the fastest growing professional services firms achieve growth and profitability in any economy.

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Hinge Research Institute’s High Growth Study! This ongoing study explores how the fastest growing professional services firms achieved sustained exceptional growth and profitability. 

Over the past few years, uncertainty about the marketplace has been a consistent, recurring theme. And this year’s study is no different. Unsettled by war, a polarized political environment, and a mixed bag of economic signals, today’s professional services firms face a turbulent, often confusing market environment. 

This study offers insights into high growth firms and how they generate superior performance even in the fog of unpredictability. 

These fast-growing professional services firms have achieved advantages in five key areas—and are growing 4X faster than their competitors and are almost 2X as profitable.

In this FREE 40-page executive summary, learn how the professional services marketplace is changing and what High Growth firms do to generate exceptional revenue and profit.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What’s changed in professional services marketing and business development
  • How high growth firms use data and technology to create efficiencies and make decisions with confidence
  • High growth firms’ top 5 marketing priorities for 2024
  • How top performers’ marketing and business development teams collaborate to drive business growth
  • What high growth firms do differently

About the Sample:

  • 824 firms from across the globe
  • $52.9 billion in combined revenue
  • Almost 210,000 employees
  • 6 core industry groups represented

What’s included in the free Executive Summary?

  • The latest data on high growth firms, including 26 charts and graphs
  • Detailed expert analysis breaking down each piece of data
  • Specific advice to help you put the data into practice
  • How to get access to an in-depth breakout report on your industry

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