Licensed Research & Sponsored Studies

Licensing or sponsoring a Hinge Research Institute study can be great ways to reach a professional services audience. And these options can be far more affordable and faster than custom research, as well.

Licensing Research

If you want to make an impact right away, licensing research is your best choice. The Institute can even help you get your licensed research in front of your target audience (see How We Promote Research below).

Here’s how it works:

License any eligible research report from our library

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Get immediate access to the report

Start using the report and its findings in email promotions, blog posts, social media posts, webinars and more!

Benefits of Licensed Research

Get access to the report in just a day or two

Use the research findings in your own content

We offer a range of licensing terms to fit almost any budget

Sponsoring a study

There is no easier way to reach a professional services audience than to sponsor one of the Institute’s upcoming research studies. Your logo will feature prominently on the cover of the study, which we will promote to our list of up to 60,000 professional services professionals. And you can put the report on your website, share it with your audience—even use the findings in your own blog posts, social media posts, speaking engagements and webinars.

Benefits of Sponsoring Research

Be associated with a research firm that is widely respected in the professional services

No effort required on your part to produce the report

Use the report and its findings in a wide variety of ways

How we promote research

Licensing or sponsoring a research report isn’t enough. You need to get it in front of your audience and encourage them to download it. Here are some of the ways the Hinge Research Institute can help promote your report:

  • Co-produce a webinar that highlights key findings
  • Ghost write blog posts about the research
  • Design an infographic that highlights salient data
  • Develop a “Fact Pack” datasheet to send to journalists and other media outlets
  • Produce a guide or other piece of content that features the research


Learn more about licensing or sponsoring research.