Marketing audit services for professional services firms

Is your marketing program broken?

Is your marketing program delivering the visibility and volume of high-quality leads you need to thrive and grow? Are you unsure how to market your services or products in a marketplace clouded with uncertainty?

What if you could model your marketing program after the fastest-growing firms in your industry—firms that achieve extraordinary success in any economy?

Hinge’s marketing audit services provide an unbiased, science-based analysis of your firm’s marketing program—and specific recommendations to address any problems we uncover. We’ll evaluate your current marketing approach, analyze what’s working for you and against you, and propose specific adjustments, techniques, and tools to improve your results.

You’ll not only work with a team that understands your industry, you’ll benefit from Hinge’s 15 years of data on professional services buyer behavior and what drives growth in your industry. You will walk away with a list of prioritized recommendations to improve your marketing program, as well as research-based benchmarks that compare your firm to your industry’s top performers.

Take Your Marketing to a Higher Level

When should you conduct a marketing audit?

  • Referrals are down
  • Business development has slowed down or stalled
  • Your firm is not well known among your target audience
  • You don’t know which marketing tactics work and which don’t
  • You’re considering a rebrand or website redesign

“Hinge is truly a trusted advisory team for us. They provide the tools, methods, and training for us to grow our firm in the same way we help our clients develop and launch products.”

Dan Adams

The AIM Institute

How we can help:

Marketing Practices:

We’ll assess your marketing program, including how you attract new prospects, how you track response rates, the strength of your marketing messages, and many other factors. Where appropriate, we will compare your practices against industry benchmarks.

Website Content and Call-to-Action Offers:

We’ll evaluate your firm’s thought leadership content, how it’s presented, and how efficiently it generates leads. We will also consider any other calls to action, where they are offered, and how they could be improved.

Marketing Collateral:

We will review your existing marketing materials, such as brochures, sales sheets, pitch decks, and trade show materials.

Website Design and Usability:

We’ll assess how well your website reflects your brand, instills trust, and delivers an engaging user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

We’ll assess your firm’s search engine optimization performance, including both onsite and offsite SEO.

Social Media:

We’ll review your firm’s social media presence including visibility, engagement, and lead generation.

Email Marketing:

We’ll evaluate your firm’s email marketing strategy, including list quality, email content, use of automation, template design, and performance.

Competitive Analysis:

We’ll review the online performance of your three top competitors, including website credibility, online visibility, and overall engagement.

Employer Brand:

We’ll review marketing materials and web pages you use to attract job candidates and provide recommendations for improvement.

Ready to build a more powerful marketing program?