We Respect Your Privacy

Reportedly, a large number of people enjoy Spam®, the salty square meat that comes in a can. But few can stomach the other kind, the stuff that clogs the Internet’s arteries. At Hinge, we’re doing our part to keep your email inbox healthy and spam-free.


How We Collect Information

We collect email addresses and demographic information on our web visitors just one way: people give it to us voluntarily. In almost every case, we ask for information in exchange for a piece of content or access to a service.

We sincerely believe you get an extraordinary amount of value from this exchange. And most subsequent emails from Hinge will contain additional valuable content. Now, if this arrangement makes your skin itch, we make it easy to escape our clutches (see Get Me Out of Here, below).


We Protect Your Email Address

We never sell or rent our email list to third parties. Never. Ever. We do, however, occasionally partner with reputable organizations. We may send offers to you on a partner’s behalf—but we’re pretty picky about what we’ll send on to our subscribers. Nobody wants meat in a can. While we’re at, let’s make one more thing clear: we will never supply our partners with your email address or any other information you have provided to us.



Cookies can be good, bad or indifferent. Ours fall in that last category—nothing to get excited about. Our website places a small file on your computer that lets us know you’ve been here before. We can’t identify who you are—and (don’t take this wrong) we don’t care to. But if all this talk of cookies leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you can always disable them in your web browser or simply delete them from time to time.


Get Me Out of Here

If at any time, you get tired of hearing from us and you want to get your email address the heck off our system, you’ve got a lot of options—you can unsubscribe, email us, or call 703-391-8870 and we’ll take you off our list, lickety split.

We’re tough. We can take it.


Feel free to email us at info@hingemarketing.com. We monitor this address daily, so we promise to answer. Of course you can always pick up the phone and call us: 703-391-8870