Referral Marketing Course


Who It’s For
Marketers, principals and business developers at professional services firms of all sizes.

Course Overview
Referrals are the most important source of new business for professional services firms. Yet few firms truly understand what factors drive referrals or how to produce more of them.

In this course, you’ll learn a practical strategy for building a more robust and reliable referral program—one that’s easy to understand and works in the real world. You’ll also learn about an important new study of professional services referrals and how conventional thinking on the topic has gotten it all wrong.

Discover how the fastest-growing firms are generating and responding to referrals not only from past clients, but also from individuals who have simply heard or read about their reputation and expertise. We’ll explain how you can do the same.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to assess your current referral strategy and make it more effective
  • The 3 most impactful ways to build awareness of your expertise among target audiences
  • Why engaging in traditional networking activities is probably not worth your time
  • How to plan and implement strategies that prevent referrals from ruling you out
  • Tips for using your website, blog posts, speaking engagements and social media activity to convert referrals to new business

(Use coupon code LEARNFOR10 to get started for just $10)

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Class 1: How Referrals Work

Today’s Landscape
How Buyers Check You Out
Rethinking Referrals
Keeping the Referrals You Get

Class 2: Developing Your Referral Strategy

Identifying Your Referral Sources
Baselining Your Referral Sources
Referral Generation Techniques

Class 3: Marketing Techniques to Gain Referrals

Key Considerations and Components
Building Your Strategy
Tracking Your Efforts

Class 4: Measuring Your Referral Marketing Strategy

Securing Speaking Engagements
Securing Guest Posts and Articles
Being Active on Social Media
Components of a High-Performance Website
Showcasing Clients
Networking Tips

Additional Materials:
Benchmarking worksheet
Strategy worksheet


(Use coupon code LEARNFOR10 to get started for just $10)


Meet the Instructor

Lee Frederiksen, PhD

Lee left a tenured professorship at Virginia Tech to pursue a career as a serial entrepreneur. Managing Partner and Research Director at Hinge, he is considered a leading authority on high-growth professional services marketing.