Marketing strategy consulting for the professional services

Behind every growth success story is a thoughtful strategy. At Hinge, we’ve studied thousands of firms and isolated those that grow at a high rate (20% or more) year after year.

We’ve put these high performers under the microscope to find out what they do differently. And now we can offer these insights to you — practical, research-based marketing strategies that just work.

Research covers

Research goes into everything we do

Ten years ago, we initiated our first research study of high-growth professional services firms and their buyers. We’ve never looked back. Every year we discover new strategies, tools and techniques that we can bring to our clients. And we use them ourselves, driving our own growth and reputation.

Getting past politics

True differentiation takes courage. At Hinge, we’ve developed a process to avoid the internal politics that dilute a powerful strategy. Instead, we use research data and fact-based reasoning to overcome objections, build buy-in and establish critical momentum.

We build on what works

Your firm is not a lab rat. That’s why we build your strategy upon proven principles that we’ve seen work, first-hand — and are supported by our research into the most successful firms. We’ve helped hundreds of firms find the right strategy and grow.

What we do

Hinge offers four crucial marketing strategy consulting services:

Growth strategy

Learn how to grow like the high performers. Get your differentiation, positioning and messaging just right.

Market strategy

At last, a clearly defined, easy-to-understand approach to the market. Select the best tools and techniques to reach your target audiences and referral sources.

Brand strategy

Leverage your brand to deliver more visibility, differentiate your firm, build credibility and attract top talent.

Content strategy

Turn your expertise into a powerful, reputation-building and lead-generating resource.

We know your industry

Buyers in each professional services industry respond to different stimuli. You’ll find out which techniques the best-performing firms use to deliver high growth, year over year. How do we know? Not only do we conduct regular research into the industries we serve, we work every day with top firms across the professional services. Here are just a few:

Accounting & Finance

  • Armanino
  • Cherry Bekaert
  • Deloitte
  • Morgan Franklin
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • Paychex
  • PWC
  • Revolution


  • Balfour Beatty
  • FreemanWhite
  • Grimm + Parker Architects
  • Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI)
  • Manhattan Construction
  • Quinn Evans Architects
  • RS&H
  • Syska Hennessy Group


  • Accenture
  • Blackboard
  • Decision Strategies International
  • EverFi
  • Janek Performance Group
  • Phillips DiPisa
  • RAIN Group
  • ZS Associates

Government Contracting

  • Big Sky
  • Celerity
  • E3 Federal
  • Invizion
  • Permuta
  • SecureIT
  • Technatomy
  • VerisGroup


  • Art & Logic
  • Belcan
  • Cavium Networks
  • Claraview
  • Data Clairvoyance
  • Deltek
  • Iridium
  • People Metrics


  • Atlas Law Group
  • Blankigship & Keith
  • Nishith Desai Associates
  • Oast & Hook
  • Pilgrim Christakis
  • Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley, Emrich & Walsh
  • Williams Parker Harrison Dietz & Getzen

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We bring science to strategy

Do you have a systematic, scientific approach to lead generation? Are you winning a high percentage of contracts? Are you measuring your progress? If not, you’re not alone. At Hinge, we bring scientific rigor to your marketing program. Finally, you’ll have the data you need to make marketing decisions with confidence.

A strategy designed to be implemented

When it comes to deploying new marketing approaches, many firms talk a good game, but they end up doing very little. At Hinge, we design our strategies by paying attention to what works in the real world. Then we apply these empirical lessons to our clients. The payoff? Practical strategies that are built to be used — and to get your whole firm working from the same playbook.

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