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Thought leadership is arguably the most powerful tool in modern B2B marketing. And the top-performing form of thought leadership is research.

At the Hinge Research Institute, we make our research and expertise available to any B2B business or organization that wants to raise their thought leadership game and appeal to a professional services audience.

The top-performing form of thought leadership is research.

Why research is the king of thought leadership

There is a lot of conflicting information and advice out there. Who’s to say what’s true and what’s wishful thinking?

Research, especially when it comes from a trusted source, removes the doubt and delivers instant credibility. A company that creates, sponsors or distributes research-based content is perceived as a serious player, one that looks to data for unbiased insights and wisdom.

At the same time, research is content that decision makers love. In fact, they often seek it out. Research studies not only provide a broad, evidence-based perspective on business challenges, they can suggest new approaches to overcoming them.

In short, buyers want and consume research-based content.

4 ways we build thought leadership

Clients engage us in a variety of ways. Here are four of the most common:

License our existing research

License one of our general or industry-specific studies and use it to engage your clients and prospects for the next year. Mine it for insights, blog posts, social media, webinars, and more!

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Sponsor a study

Put your logo on the cover of an upcoming research study—and enjoy the instant credibility and exposure it generates.

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Conduct a custom study

Partner with the most professional services-savvy research firm in the world. We’ll design and implement a study to answer your most critical questions.

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Leverage our expertise

Whether we produce a webinar together, develop an original piece of content, or collaborate in some other way, our expertise can raise your profile—and your game.

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