The Visible Firm® Course


Who It’s For
Principals and marketers at professional services firms of all sizes.

Course Overview
Why do some firms grow faster and generate higher profits than their competition? This course not only answers that question, it provides a comprehensive—and practical—approach to marketing that any firm can use to break out and take a leadership position.

You’ll discover key insights we’ve gleaned from 10 years of research into high-growth firms. And you’ll learn what combination of online and offline tools and techniques produce greater visibility, expanded reach, more leads and higher revenues.

You will walk away with a new understanding of the professional services marketplace—and exactly what changes you need to make to become a recognized industry leader.

What You’ll Learn

  • What tools and techniques are most effective for growing your firm
  • What popular marketing techniques are a waste of time and money
  • Why research is critical to establishing a competitive advantage
  • How to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • How to bring a stream of qualified leads to your website—and convert them into clients
  • What to track so that you can adapt your strategy as needed


Meet the Instructor

Lee Frederiksen, PhD

Lee left a tenured professorship at Virginia Tech to pursue a career as a serial entrepreneur. Managing Partner and Research Director at Hinge, he is considered a leading authority on high-growth professional services marketing.




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Class 1: Benchmarking Your Firm

Benefits of a Visible Firm
Six Key Areas to Benchmark
The Impact of Research on Growth & Profitability

Class 2: Understand Your Buyer, Know Your Competition

The Value of Research
Identifying Your Target Audiences
Three Research Strategies
What Questions to Ask
Moving Forward

Class 3: Differentiate Your Firm

Understanding Differentiators
Creating Your Differentiators
Communicating your Differentiators Through a Positioning Statement
Demonstrating Your Expertise

Class 4: Content Marketing, the Right Way

What Is Content Marketing
Developing Your Content
Content Marketing and Your New Business Pipeline
Understanding Content Formats
Using Offers to Transition
Tips to Make Content Development Easier
Promoting Your Content

Class 5: Build Your High Performance Website

What is a High-Performance Website?
Clear Messaging and Professional Imagery
The Importance of Responsive Design
Educational Content
Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines
Including Offers and Calls to Action

Class 6: Build Your Lead-Generating Marketing Toolkit

Link Building
Social Media
Speaking Engagements
Email Marketing

Class 7: Secrets to a Successful Implementation

Common Implementation Issues
Meet Today’s Marketing Department
Meet Today’s Business Developer
Processes and Tips

Class 8: Track Your Data, Optimize Your Results

Understanding Your Data
Visibility Metrics
Expertise Metrics
Impact Metrics
Analyzing and Adjusting

Additional Materials:
Benchmarking Self-Assessment Worksheet
Understand Your Buyer, Understand Your Competition Worksheet
Differentiation Worksheet
High-Performance Website Worksheet
Marketing Toolkit Worksheet
Marketing Strategy Worksheet
Google Analytics Tutorial and Worksheet