Content creation services for professional services firms

Build a powerful, sustainable thought leadership program

Expertise-based content marketing is perhaps the most powerful tool in modern professional services marketing. But creating differentiated, insightful, high-quality thought leadership content can be difficult for a busy firm like yours.

Hinge’s content creation services allow professional services firms to accelerate their content marketing programs and produce engaging, repurposable content—in less time and with less effort. Our experienced team of marketing strategists, professional writers, and award-winning designers have created thought leadership materials for hundreds of professional services firms. This content has increased their visibility, credibility, and ability to attract high-quality, highly motivated leads.

Our content creation services cover any imaginable type of content, including:

  • SEO-optimized blog posts
  • Industry articles
  • Executive guides and whitepapers
  • Books and ebooks
  • Custom research studies
  • Infographics
  • Webinar planning, production, and support
  • Videos
  • Speechwriting

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Start Creating Exceptional Content

How our content creation services work

At Hinge, we take a collaborative approach to creating content for your business. You provide the expertise and we turn it into clear, easy-to-understand language. And if your piece requires graphic design, our award-winning team of designers will package your content in an appealing, easy-to-consume format.

Our writers not only are experienced in your industry, they are skilled interviewers who can guide your subject matter experts through the process—asking salient questions and probing for deeper insights. Whether you need a short, SEO-optimized blog post or an in-depth guide, we collaborate with you at every stage so your experts can suggest adjustments or recommend areas to expand.

For longer pieces, such as guides, white papers, ebooks, and research studies, our award-winning design team will bring your content to life with a gorgeous original design that is consistent with your brand identity.

If you need help with promotion or outreach, our team of marketing experts will advise you on the best strategy to get your new piece of content in front of your audience.


Custom research reports

Today’s decision makers are increasingly looking for hard data to cut through noise in the marketplace. Research, especially when it comes from a trusted source, delivers the science-based insights they need—and a high dose of credibility to your firm.

At Hinge, we can design, conduct, publish, and help you promote a research study that delivers the insights your audience values so highly. We handle the hard work for you. Our team will:

  • Design the study
  • Draft the research questions
  • Write the emails
  • Conduct the interviews or set up the surveys
  • Compile, code, and analyze the data
  • Write the study, including practical takeaways for your readers
  • Design and lay out the report
  • Help promote the study to your target audience

Of course, nobody knows your audience better than you, so we invite you to collaborate closely with our team throughout the process.

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Executive guides

One of the most effective ways to engage your audience and turn your web visitors into leads is to create the kind of longer-format, high-value content that your audience craves. Hinge takes on the most time consuming parts of the process: writing and design.

To begin, we typically interview one or more of your subject-matter experts. Working in collaboration with you, our writer will draft an outline and produce each chapter. Once your team has approved the content, our award-winning design team will lay out the guide with a clean, appealing look.

Blog posts and articles

Blog writing is one of the most important ways to build your online presence—and one of the most demanding on your time. Hinge can take on the heavy lifting for you, while fully capturing your experts’ insights and perspectives. Our writers, who are seasoned professionals with experience in your industry, interview your experts then work with them to produce pieces that are clear, compact and effective. They will also incorporate relevant keywords (Hinge’s marketing team can research these for you) into your posts so that they are more likely to be found through online search.


Looking for a fresh way to communicate your ideas? Infographics can be great tools to make your material more visual, engaging, and memorable. First a professional writer distills your key points into quick, easy-to-digest points. Then one of our award-winning designers illustrates the narrative in a clean, eye-catching style. The result? A graphic that tells your story in just a few glances.

Webinar production and support

Educational webinars are incredibly popular today—and they are one of the best ways a firm can engage its audience. Hinge offers a range of webinar services—from playing a supporting role to delivering and running a turnkey presentation. Here are some of the most common webinar services we offer:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Deck writing and design
  • Presentation skills consulting
  • Webinar promotion support
  • Webinar production and delivery support

Custom research study positions a software firm as a thought leader.


Series of high-value guides propels a tech firm’s content marketing program.


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